Top 5 Calibration Services in Bengaluru, Chennai and Hyderabad

2 min readJun 19, 2021


Calibration Services in Bangalore

Autocal Systems

calibration services in bangalore

Autocal Systems is one of India’s leading NABL calibration labs in Bangalore and offers best solutions at best pricing in Bangalore. They offer calibration services in Bangalore for a wide range of process, electrical, mechanical, as well as lab instruments along with validation and mapping.

Services provided-

Calibration of water and gas flow services

Volume calibration

Furnaces and lab ovens

Hospital equipment calibration

electrical calibration services

equipment calibration services

gas detector calibration service

hospital equipment calibration services

instruments calibration services

lab equipment calibration services

laboratory calibration services

machine calibration services

meter calibration service

oven calibration services

pressure calibration services

survey equipment calibration services

tank calibration services

tool calibration services

water meter calibration services

weight scale calibration service

Instrument Calibration Services in Hyderabad

Universal Calibration Services in Chennai

calibration services in chennai

Universal Calibration Services in Chennai, formerly known as Universal Instruments is an NABL accredited calibration lab in Chennai. They provide high-class, best-in-price calibration solutions for various industries.

Services provided-

  • Electrical calibration
  • Thermal, humidity calibration and mapping
  • Electrical calibration
  • Acoustics
  • Acceleration and speed
  • Mass, balance and force
  • Torque and volume

Instrument Calibration Services in Hyderabad

Size Masters Calibration Services in Hyderabad

Size Masters Calibration Services in Hyderabad is a wholesale trader of wide range of calibration services. They utilize the finest resources, under the supervision of skilled professionals.

Services provided-

  • All types of plain and master gauges
  • Bench centers
  • Micrometer/ height gauges
  • Plunger dial/ level dial
  • Surface plates
  • Profile projectors
  • Trimos/ digimeter
  • Master gears/ gear roll testers

All the calibration agencies listed above provide high-class and efficient services and are also one of the best! So, make the most of your precious machines by calibrating them with the NABL accredited service providers. Happy calibration!




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